Foundational procurement training

Introduction to NSW Public Sector procurement

This training is designed to ensure that government officers involved in spending NSW Government funds are aware of the legislative, regulatory and policy requirements.

Online training

This training is for officers new to the NSW Government or to procurement. It is free for all NSW public service employees and consists of five 30-minute modules covering procurement principles, the NSW public sector procurement framework, public sector probity requirements and a case study covering low risk, low value procurement activities.

On completion, participants should be able to:

  • understand procurement in the context of the NSW public sector
  • identify legal, administrative and governance frameworks that apply to procurement in the NSW public sector
  • prevent corruption in procurement
  • undertake simple low-value, low-risk procurement on behalf of NSW Government.

Register on the IPAA NSW website.

GIPA Act – Contract disclosure requirements

The Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act) establishes a proactive, more open approach to gaining access to government information in NSW. It highlights that all government information should be accessible to the public unless there is an overriding public interest consideration against disclosure.

Online training

A 30-minute self-paced online module is available for NSW Government employees that covers the responsibilities of public sector employees and what information you need to disclose under the GIPA Act.

On completion, participants should be able to:

  • identify contracts that are mandated for disclosure
  • define the classes of contracts and the information to be released for each
  • determine disclosure timeframes
  • recognise where information is to be published
  • locate relevant legislation, regulations, policy and guidelines.

GIPA Act - Contract disclosure requirements*

*Adobe Flash Player is required to view these simulations. A troubleshooting guide for Windows or Mac is available if you have any difficulty viewing them. Should you continue to experience difficulties, please email

Support materials are provided below to help agencies to meet disclosure requirements:

Further information on the GIPA Act can be sought from the Information and Privacy Commission.

Professional development

In addition to formal training you could consider the following activities, which are aligned to the 70:20:10 Learning and Development model:

70: Experience

  • sitting with a procurement officer for a few hours and observing basic checking and quality control processes
  • shadowing more experienced staff that do basic ordering, receipting and payment processes
  • searching your agency’s Intranet under procurement and becoming familiar with procurement process maps, handouts, newsletters, policies and procedures
  • identifying key areas for development with your manager and presenting findings of that area back to the wider team in your next meeting
  • assist in organising a purchase order and learning with the guidance of the administration officer.

20: Exposure

  • seeking a mentor within the procurement team or a senior manager within your area that is familiar with procurement systems
  • joining a Community of Practice Group, eg the NSWP Capability Development community of practice
  • joining networking groups, eg Procurement Leaders, Procurious
  • joining supplier mailing lists, eg The Faculty.