Procure IT framework version 3.1

The Procure IT framework is used by NSW Government buyers for the acquisition of information and communications technology-related products and services.

Version 3.1 is applicable to all ICT purchases made between 13 June 2013  and 31 August 2017. Procure IT version 3.1 is replaced by version 3.2 on and from 1 September 2017.

The main changes, compared to the previous version (Procure IT V 3.0) are:

  • alignment with legislative changes (eg removal of references to the State Contracts Control Board - the agency head is now the Contract Authority, and updating of the small and medium enterprises policy framework)
  • new clause 25.2 (c) inserted in Customer Contract
  • new clause 19.1 (c) inserted in Head Agreement
  • a number of definitions and cross references have been updated.
Procure IT framework version 3.1
Part 1 Head agreement (PDF,276KB)
Part 2 Customer contract (PDF,575KB)
  Schedules including general order form (fillable) (DOC,762KB)
Part 3 Dictionary (PDF,85KB)
Part 4 Module 1 Hardware acquisition and installation (PDF,59KB)
  Module 2 Hardware maintenance services (PDF,76KB)
  Module 3 Licensed software without SAAS (PDF,87KB)
  Module 4 Development services (PDF,55KB)
  Module 5 Software support services (PDF,65KB)
  Module 6 Contractor services (PDF,54KB)
  Module 7 Professional services (PDF,47KB)
  Module 8 Training services (PDF,48KB)
  Module 9 Data migration (PDF,39KB)
  Module 10 As a service (PDF,68KB)
  Module 11 Telecommunications as a service (PDF,355KB)
  Module 12 Managed services (PDF,104KB)
  Module 13 Systems Integration (This module is being drafted. In the interim please use Module 13 under Procure IT framework version 3.0) (PDF,40KB)
  Module 13A Major project systems integration services (This module is being drafted. In the interim please use Module 13A under Procure IT framework version 3.0) (PDF,164KB)
Order forms Module 1 Order form (DOC,186KB)
  Module 2 Order form (DOC,85KB)
  Module 3 Order form (DOC,205KB)
  Module 4 Order form (DOC,184KB)
  Module 5 Order form (DOC,196KB)
  Module 6 Order form (DOC,166KB)
  Module 7 Order form (DOCX,100KB)
  Module 8 Order form (DOC,173KB)
  Module 9 Order form (DOC,175KB)
  Module 10 Order form (DOCX,98KB)
  Module 11 Order form (DOCX,148KB)
  Module 12 Order form (DOCX,128KB)
  Module 13 Order form (This order form is being drafted. In the interim please use Module 12 order form under Procure IT version 2.1.3)* (DOC,171KB)
  Module 13A Order form (This order form is being drafted. In the interim please use Module 13 order form under Procure IT version 2.1.3)* (DOC,82KB)

* Please note that there is a change in the module numbers from version 2.1.3 to version 3.1.

Access a copy of the Procure IT framework user guide.(PDF,1.13MB)

For the procurement of telecommunication services, please refer to Board Direction 2014-03 and the requirement of the PTS Telecommunications Working Group endorsement process prior to entering into arrangements. To assist agencies and the working group, a telecommunications application review form (DOCX,393KB) and a list of current and planned (XLSX,12KB) telecommunications procurement schedule can be downloaded from this page.