Procure IT framework version 3.0

Procure IT framework v3.0 is for IT purchases made from contracts established after 1 July 2011 and prior to 13 June 2013. The framework offers templates for agencies when purchasing under whole-of-government arrangements (Parts 1-4 below), and agency-specific arrangements (Parts 2-4 below).

Procure IT framework version 3.0
Part 1 Head agreement (PDF,211KB)
Part 2 Customer Contract (PDF,226KB)
  Schedules including general order form (fillable) (DOCX,180KB)
Part 3 Dictionary (PDF,112KB)
Part 4 Module 1 Hardware acquisition and installation (PDF,59KB)
  Module 1 Order form (DOC,186KB)
  Module 2 Hardware maintenance services (PDF,75KB)
  Module 2 Order form (DOCX,86KB)
  Module 3 Licensed software without SAAS (PDF,86KB)
  Module 3 Order form (DOC,205KB)
  Module 4 Development services (PDF,53KB)
  Module 4 Order form (DOC,184KB)
  Module 5 Software support services (PDF,107KB)
  Module 5 Order form (DOC,196KB)
  Module 6 Contractor services (PDF,54KB)
  Module 6 Order form (DOC,166)
  Module 7 Professional services (PDF,47KB)
  Module 7 Order form (DOC,176)
  Module 8 Training services (PDF,49KB)
  Module 8 Order form (DOC,173KB)
  Module 9 Data migration (PDF,39KB)
  Module 9 Order form (DOC,175KB)
  Module 12 Managed Services (PDF,103KB)
  Module 13 Systems Integration (PDF,40KB)
  Module 13A Major Project Systems Integration Services (PDF,164KB)

Access a copy of the contract user guide.(PDF,1.13MB)