NSW Procurement reform

The NSW Government has reviewed its procurement model. The current model:

  • allows for contemporary means of sourcing goods and services
  • brings government contracts in line with modern practice
  • expands the ways that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can gain opportunities to supply to government
  • introduces innovation into government procurement to stimulate a more vibrant NSW economy.

The best positioned government agency leads sourcing and procurement for a specific category. Where required, these lead agencies operate on behalf of all government agencies. 

Sourcing and procurement is more efficient and effective when done by agencies that:

  • have specialist knowledge of the category supply chain and supply sector 
  • are close to both business requirements and the end-point of the supply chain
  • have direct interests in the service delivery and financial outcomes.

Principles underpinning government procurement

The objectives below remain fundamental principles underpinning government procurement:

  • value for money
  • delivering quality government goods and services
  • aligning procurement with business needs.

Procurement laws

NSW Government procurement is governed by the requirements set out in Part 11 of the Public Works and Procurement Act 1912.

For more information, see NSW Procurement laws.

NSW Procurement Board Strategic Directions

Actions implemented under the procurement reform program

Contract devolution

Information about contract devolution as part of the procurement reforms