ICT procurement reform

The Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI) is working to transform ICT procurement.

This project is taking an agile approach to transforming ICT procurement; trialling and testing solutions to drive continuous improvement.

Our goal is to deliver end-to-end commercial lifecycle management that optimises how government buys and uses technology.

Draft ICT Agreement - feedback invited

An initial step is to develop a short, simple agreement to replace the existing short form ICT contract for low risk ICT procurement. We are calling it the ICT Agreement.

We would like your feedback on:

  • the draft ICT Agreement structure, made up of the core terms (PDF, 258KB) and the solution requirements (either as-a-service (PDF, 247KB) or professional services (PDF, 254KB), with more to follow)
  • changing the threshold for its use from $150,000.

For full details, please read the discussion paper (PDF, 583KB).

Please send your feedback to ictprocurementreform@finance.nsw.gov.au by 25 January 2018. We will use your feedback to develop the next iteration of the ICT Agreement.