Using NSW Government contracts

The NSW Government Procurement Policy Framework explains current procurement policy. The Small and Medium Enterprises Regional Procurement Policy must also be applied with procuring goods and services.

For further information about current procurement policy, please contact the NSW Procurement Service Centre. Alternatively, if you are in a government agency, please contact your local Chief Procurement Officer.

NSW Government contracts are arrangements made with suppliers to supply or dispose of specific goods and/or services for a specific price for a specified period (usually three to five years) and include some prequalification schemes.

For some contracts there may be a panel of suppliers who can provide goods and services, and in other cases there may be a sole supplier.

Agencies must use NSW Government contracts where they are available when procuring goods and services. Prequalification Schemes assist agencies to find suppliers who are prequalified to work with government.

View the current list of NSW Government contracts.

Where no NSW Government contract is available, agencies can undertake their own procurement in accordance with the terms of their accreditation and the approved procurement methods for goods and services in the NSW Procurement Policy Framework and Direction 2019-04 Approved procurement arrangements.

View the NSW Procurement Board Directions (including approved procurement methods for goods and services).