Aboriginal Procurement Policy - Reporting Requirements

Agency Requirements

The Aboriginal Procurement Policy (APP) establishes reporting requirements for all NSW Government agencies. 

Contracts awarded to Aboriginal owned businesses

Agencies must disclose all contracts valued over $50,000 (excl. GST) entered into with an Aboriginal owned business using the Contract Award Notice functionality in NSW eTendering within 45 days of the contract becoming effective. 

Aboriginal Participation Strategy

Agencies must produce an Aboriginal Participation Strategy. It must include: 

  • an identification of upcoming Aboriginal participation opportunities for procurements of goods and services over $10 million (excl. GST) 
  • a public commitment from the agency to work with Aboriginal owned businesses to grow the First Economy of NSW
  • an explanation as to how the agency is working with Aboriginal owned businesses to identify and develop business and employment opportunities
  • information regarding Aboriginal employment and participation within contracting businesses and the total number of contracts awarded to Aboriginal owned businesses
  • measurable targets for Aboriginal participation that the agency or cluster will adopt, including, where appropriate, targets for specific categories of procurement and Aboriginal workforce strategies
  • reporting on the outcomes that have been achieved and actions taken where targets have not been achieved.

The Aboriginal Participation Strategy must be updated annually. It may be submitted by an agency, group of agencies, or cluster. Agencies may, if they wish, publish this information within a broader procurement document (e.g. a Cluster Procurement Plan or a Social Procurement Strategy), if all relevant information is published at least annually. 

Supplier Requirements

Suppliers must provide Aboriginal Participation Plans and Aboriginal Participation Reports for all contracts with Aboriginal participation requirements. The below requirements serve as minimum standards, and agencies may request additional information and planning from their suppliers. An Aboriginal Participation Plan may be a separate plan or may form part of a broader social procurement plan for a contract.

Aboriginal Participation Plans

Aboriginal Participation Plans are part of suppliers tender responses and approved by the contracting agency. The requirements of the approved plan are to be entered in the Aboriginal Participation Portal and reported against as per the policy reporting requirements.

Aboriginal Participation Plans must include any specific Aboriginal participation contract requirements or targets specified by the contracting agency including:

  • projected number of Aboriginal full-time staff (FTEs) supported by the contract
  • standard contract information including the contracting parties, the contract value, location and time-period
  • the contract’s targets for Aboriginal participation and the strategies that will be used to achieve them
  • identification of Aboriginal-owned businesses that could contribute to the project (e.g. suppliers or sub-contractors). 

Aboriginal participation targets may include metrics such as total number of Aboriginal FTEs, percentage of Aboriginal employment on a contract, number of senior Aboriginal employees, value and number of Aboriginal owned businesses to be subcontracted or similar goals to boost Aboriginal participation. The Aboriginal Participation Requirements may be set by the contracting agency, the NSW Procurement Board, or the supplier where requirements have not been set or where the supplier will aim to exceed these. 

Strategies may include actively advertising Aboriginal employment opportunities, engaging with Local Aboriginal Land Councils, Aboriginal community groups and organisations, Aboriginal leadership workshops and other programs of a similar nature.

Monthly reporting against Aboriginal Participation Policy requirements

Suppliers must provide monthly progress reports against the contract’s Aboriginal Participation Plan through the Aboriginal Participation Portal.

The Aboriginal Participation Portal is the central point for digital reporting by suppliers against each contract’s Aboriginal participation requirements. Data gathered from Aboriginal Participation Plans, progress reports and the Aboriginal Participation Reports may be published and will assist agencies and NSW Government in monitoring compliance with the policy requirements, and the reporting on the effectiveness of the policy and outcomes.

Safeguards are in place for careful and diligent protection of the dataset including special access controls that protect confidentiality. Visit the Aboriginal Participation Portal.

Final Aboriginal Participation Reports

At the conclusion of the contract, suppliers must submit a final Aboriginal Participation Report, that addresses how the supplier has met the individual contract requirements and targets of Aboriginal participation.