Goods and services procurement policies

If you are in a government agency, please contact your local Chief Procurement Officer.

Small and Medium Enterprises Policy Framework

A policy to support small to medium enterprises to do business with NSW Government

30 Days to Pay

Information about the policy to pay small businesses within 30 days

Category management plans

Priority category management plans have been developed as part of the procurement reform Strategic Direction 3: Effect

Market and industry engagement

Guidance on determining the approach to market and industry engagement

Complex market engagement methods

A guide to using managed services contracts,reverse auction and sole sourcing market engagement methods

Commercial approaches in contracts

Commercial approaches to key contract terms

Multi-agency access contracts

Establishing and managing multi-agency access contracts (or 'piggybacking')

Using NSW Government contracts

NSW Government contracts are a principal method of purchasing for NSW Government agencies

Australian Disability Enterprises

Supporting businesses that employ people with a disability

NSW Government Procurement Case Studies

Procurement case studies from across government