Goods and services procurement policies

If you are in a government agency, please contact your local Chief Procurement Officer.

Aboriginal Procurement Policy

A policy to support Aboriginal businesses and employment

Small and Medium Enterprises Policy Framework

A policy to support small to medium enterprises to do business with NSW Government

Faster Payment Terms Policy

Policy that replaced the 30 Days to Pay Policy (TC11/12 Payment of Accounts) from 30 November 2018.

Category management plans

They have been developed as part of the procurement reform Strategic Direction 3: Effective category management across Gove...

Market and industry engagement

Guidance on determining the approach to market and industry engagement

Complex market engagement methods

A guide to using managed services contracts,reverse auction and sole sourcing market engagement methods

Commercial approaches in contracts

Commercial approaches to key contract terms

Multi-agency access contracts

Establishing and managing multi-agency access contracts (or 'piggybacking')

Using NSW Government contracts

NSW Government contracts are a principal method of purchasing for NSW Government agencies

Australian Disability Enterprises

Supporting businesses that employ people with a disability

NSW Government Procurement Case Studies

Procurement case studies from across government