Construction procurement policy

Construction Leadership Group

The NSW Procurement Board is responsible under Part 4 of the Public Works and Procurement Act 1912 for overseeing the procurement of goods and services, including construction goods and services. 

The Board has established the Construction Leadership Group (CLG) as an advisory group to assist the Board. The CLG provides advice on policy and strategy, including:

  • matters that may impact on the delivery of the NSW Government infrastructure and general construction program and ways to address those impacts
  • strategies and opportunities to improve the value for money achieved in construction procurement
  • minimising procurement related business costs for agencies and suppliers as far as practical
  • sharing relevant information across agencies
  • ensuring that construction materials and processes comply with relevant standards
  • enabling appropriate competition consistent with Australia’s international trade obligations.

View Construction Leadership Group terms of reference.(PDF,141KB)

NSW Treasury and Infrastructure NSW also have central roles in the procurement of infrastructure and general construction. The Construction Leadership Group co-ordinates with NSW Treasury and Infrastructure NSW in undertaking its role.

The Construction Leadership Group consists of senior executives from government agencies with significant construction programs or responsibilities.

View Construction Leadership Group membership list.(PDF,80KB)

Aboriginal participation in construction policy

The policy has been developed to support greater participation by Aboriginal people in government construction projects across NSW. The aims of the policy are consistent with the OCHRE (Opportunity, Choice, Healing, Responsibility and Empowerment) - the NSW Government’s plan to improve outcomes for Aboriginal people across all sectors of the community.

View the Aboriginal participation in construction (APIC) policy page

Environmental management systems

The NSW Government environmental management system guidelines were developed to facilitate the achievement of improved environmental performance by the construction industry.

View the NSW Government environmental management system guidelines 

Quality management systems guidelines

View the Quality management system guidelines (for construction) (DOCX,55KB)

Security of payment

View the Security of payment page on the Fair Trading website

Skills, training and social outcomes

The Skills development and training guidelines for construction implements a whole-of-government strategy for the construction industry in NSW. As part of this strategy, the NSW Procurement Board issues annual statements of training and skills development priorities for the construction industry.

View the Skills Development and Training Guidelines for Construction

View the NSW Procurement Board Statement on Priorities for Construction Training and Skills Development

Forward construction program

View information on the NSW Government's forward construction program

Market approaches guide

The guide provide high level advice on the major types of approaches to market, tendering periods, number of quotes or tenders, external involvement, disclosures, eTendering and procurement principles.

View the Market approaches guide (PDF, 603 KB)

Industry engagement guide

The Industry engagement guide provides a high level view of strategies and approaches for NSW Government agencies to use when engaging with industry. Good industry engagement practices enable suppliers to understand which goods and services NSW Government agencies may need in the future to deliver public services.

View the Industry engagement guide (DOCX,322KB)

Work health and safety (WHS) management systems

View Work health and safety management sytems

Agency accreditation

View Agency Accreditation Scheme

Sustainability policy

Sustainable procurement balances economic, environmental and social considerations in the procurement process.

View Sustainable procurement