Policy and reform

The NSW Government has overhauled its procurement system. Streamlined processes and simpler contracts has made it easier to do business with government.

Find out about the NSW Procurement Board, accreditation scheme, policies and other information related to the procurement reform.

NSW Procurement Laws

Part 11 of the Public Works and Procurement Act 1912 (PWP Act) provides the legislative framework for procurement for NSW g...

NSW Procurement Board

Information about the NSW Procurement Board, Strategic Directions, Government Procurement Policy and Board Directions

NSW Government Procurement Policy Framework

View the policy framework for government procurement

Enforceable procurement provisions

Legal requirements for NSW Government agencies arising from international procurement agreements

Accreditation Program for Goods and Services...

Accreditation for agencies based on assessed procurement capability

NSW Government procurement information

Whole-of-government procurement policies and guidance

Goods and services procurement policies

Policies and guidelines for goods and services procurement

Construction procurement policy

Construction Leadership Group

APP and APIC policy review

Since July 2018, the Aboriginal Procurement Policy (APP) and

Overview of the Gateway Review System

Information about the gateway review system and related tools, how to arrange a review, and how to become a reviewer

ICT/Digital Sourcing reform

The Department of Customer Service (DCS) is seeking feedback on the new Cloud Agreement