Staples to be acquired by Platinum Equity in Australia and New Zealand

21 March 2017

Sale will affect Contract 101 Office Supplies, Contract 278 Presentation Equipment and the Office Furniture Scheme.

The NSW Department of Education has been advised that Platinum Equity will acquire the Staples business in Australia and New Zealand.

More details relating to this can be found on the Platinum Equity website and Businesswire.

Currently Staples is a supplier for:

Following the transition to new ownership, the acquired business will continue to operate and trade under the Staples brand in Australia and New Zealand for a short period of time while a new corporate brand is created.

While Staples may undertake a corporate rebrand, they have assured that the change in ownership supports their strategic directions to put the customer at the heart of the business and they will remain focused on their customers.

The NSW Department of Education will continue to monitor activities in this space and provide updates as and when required.

Issuing entity:
Department of Education
Category: Goods and services