Roll out of framework for the Performance and Management Services (PMS) Prequalification Scheme

16 April 2018

Framework is being progressively rolled out across suppliers on scheme SCM0005.

The standard commercial framework for the PMS Scheme came into effect on 8 January this year and is being progressively rolled out across suppliers, prioritised on their annual spend.

The sequence of suppliers is not an indication of capability or expertise.

All suppliers should continue to be considered on a project-by-project basis to assess value for money regardless of the implementation sequence.

There are currently 145 suppliers who have accepted the framework and can be engaged as compliant under Procurement Board Direction 2015-04.

View the list of compliant suppliers (XLSX, 1.33 MB). 

All other suppliers will be able to accept the framework in June 2018. In the meantime, any supplier may submit proposals to agencies in accordance with the framework.

All other provisions within the scheme remain in place for all engagements with all suppliers, including the expenditure limits for flow-on engagements.

Information for Agencies

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NSW Procurement