Release of a new consolidated version of ICT Core& Contracts

10 January 2020

Core& agreement (Low Risk) is changing to Core& Contracts.

In order to maintain the currency and simplify the contracting framework for NSW Government, the Core& Agreement (Low Risk) has been updated.

The Department of Customer Service is releasing the Core& Contracts, which are contract templates available for the procurement of ICT/Digital solutions that are low risk and involve expenditure of up to $500,000 (excluding GST). The Core& Contracts have two easy-to-use versions: Core& One and Core& Combined.

Core& One is the original contract template (previously known as Core& Agreement (Low Risk)). Core& One should be used by agencies when procuring one individual ICT solution.

Core& Combined is the consolidated contract template that combines the Solution Requirements into one single document to make it easier for agencies procuring two or more ICT solutions.

For more information, please download the updated Core& Contracts Guidelines here.

The ICT Category Management team is hosting two briefing sessions for suppliers and agencies on how to use the new Core& Combined during February 2020. More information for these briefing sessions will be released soon.

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Issuing entity:
ICT and Digital Government (IDG), Department of Customer Service