Rebranding of Staples products on Contract 101 Office Supplies

3 May 2018

Some office supplies Winc products will be rebranded.

The Department of Education advises that the Winc products on Contract 101 Office Supplies:

  • Staples™
  • Sustainable Earth by Staples™
  • Brighton™

Will be rebranded:

  • Winc™
  • Winc Earth™
  • Cleera™

The rebranding transition will be short. During this time, some products may be temporarily unavailable and customers may receive alternative goods of equal or better quality but of the same price.

The Department of Education will continue to monitor this activity and provide updates.

View the contract guide.

For more information, contact the NSW Procurement Service Centre on or 1800 679 289.

Issuing entity:
Department of Education
Category: Goods and services