OfficeMax acquired by Platinum Equity

16 February 2018

Sale to affect Contract 101 Office Supplies, Contract 278 Presentation Equipment and the Office Furniture Scheme.

Office Depot have announced the sale of OfficeMax Australia to Platinum Equity.

The sale follows Platinum Equity’s acquisition of Winc (previously known as Staples), as communicated on 21 March 2017.

While OfficeMax Australia and Winc are now owned by the same parent company, planning and integration between the two businesses is still being coordinated. As such, your engagement with the team at OfficeMax Australia remains unchanged.

In addition to the purchase of OfficeMax Australia, Platinum Equity’s interest to acquire OfficeMax New Zealand is ongoing, subject to regulatory approval.

OfficeMax is a supplier to the NSW Government on whole-of-government contracts 101 Office Supplies278 Presentation Equipment and the Office Furniture Scheme (SCM0771).
This alert is an update to the alert issued on 2 May 2017 advising of a potential sale. OfficeMax says this acquisition will provide a stronger offering to NSW Government agencies.

The department will continue to monitor this activity and provide further updates when required.

Issuing entity:
Department of Education
Category: Goods and services