New on eTendering - ICT supplier endorsement

10 January 2018

ICT suppliers can lodge and seek endorsement of case studies of their work.

eTendering now allows ICT suppliers to lodge a case study describing work they have done for the NSW Government.

Once the case study has been endorsed by the buyer (agency), it will be displayed on the supplier's eTendering profile and be accessible to future buyers.

For a supplier to lodge an endorsement:

  1. log in to eTendering 
  2. select "request endorsement" from your profile homepage
  3. fill out the form, including details of the work in "work you are requesting an endorsement for" 
  4. click on "send request"

The person you addressed this to will receive a notification to complete the endorsement. They will have seven days before the request expires.

For a buyer to respond to an endorsement submission:

  1. you will receive an email notification that a vendor has submitted an endorsement
  2. click on the link to go to eTenders
  3. complete the fields, note that not all are mandatory
  4. click on "Endorse vendor"

Once the agency has verified the endorsement, it will be displayed against the vendor's eTenders profile and be accessible to future buyers (agencies).

The ICT category management team will use the information recorded in those case studies to build a library for future use by agencies and suppliers.

Issuing entity:
ICT and Digital Government (IDG), Department of Finance, Services and Innovation