New Contract 2210 Telecommunications Purchasing Arrangements

17 July 2018

New whole-of-government contract available now.

Contract 2210 Telecommunications Purchasing Arrangements is a whole-of-government arrangement available to most eligible buyers. It is available now until September 2023, with two 12-month extension options.

The contract offers a panel for the supply of standardised telecommunications services. It offers competitive prices across 4 service towers:

  • fixed data
  • fixed voice
  • mobile
  • internet services.

The contract has a 5-year term but each customer can set their own contract term. It also has review mechanisms to ensure pricing is aligned to the best market rates.

An initial set of 8 suppliers is available. The contract has flexibility to add suppliers and service types as technology changes and the needs of buyers evolve.

View the contract guide.

For more information, contact the NSW Procurement Service Centre at or 1800 679 289.

Issuing entity:
ICT and Digital Government (IDG), Department of Finance, Services and Innovation