New Board Direction PBD-2019-04 Approved procurement arrangements

2 July 2019

This direction replaces Procurement Board Direction PBD-2018-03 Approved procurement arrangements. 

The NSW Procurement Board has approved a new Board Direction PBD-2019-04 Approved procurement arrangements. It is effective from 1 July 2019. 

The Board Direction defines approved procurement arrangements for the procurement of all goods and services, including construction, by accredited and unaccredited agencies. 

What has changed 

When conducting procurements valued over $650,000 (ex. GST), unaccredited agencies must now seek concurrence from an accredited agency within their cluster, or from NSW Procurement. 

This amends the previous threshold of $1 million (ex. GST).

This provision applies to any goods or services procurement valued over $650,000 by an unaccredited agency, excluding construction, that is not available on a whole-of-government arrangement.

PBD-2014-03C Agency Accreditation Scheme for Construction addresses procurement of construction by unaccredited agencies.

The Board Direction also requires that all government agencies:

  • must not split orders to avoid procurement threshold levels and/or governance requirements
  • must use whole-of-government contracts and specified prequalification schemes to purchase relevant goods and services, except where exemptions are provided by the Procurement Policy Framework
  • may purchase goods or services (including construction) valued up to $10,000 (ex GST) from any supplier, even if the goods or services are available on whole of government procurement arrangements. Buyers must comply with internal agency procurement policies and delegations, including your agency’s safety, security or infrastructure requirements.

For more information, contact the NSW Procurement Service Centre on or 1800 679 289.

Issuing entity:
Policies and Procurement Board Directions, NSW Procurement