New Affordable Housing Provider Scheme

23 February 2018

New whole-of-government prequalification scheme available now.

Landcom is pleased to announce the new whole-of-government Affordable Housing Provider Scheme is now available to anyone wanting to find registered community housing providers. 

This scheme covers:

  • the management and construction of affordable housing in different regions of NSW
  • affordable housing providers, also known as community housing providers, are registered and meet the requirements of the National registration system.

The scheme will be updated as new providers join.

The scheme provides further information on their:

  • capability as managers
  • whether they construct/develop affordable housing
  • regions where they are active in NSW
  • scale of built form
  • housing types
  • client specialisations
  • focus or intentions
  • tier
  • level of experience
  • current portfolio.

The Affordable Housing Scheme user guide has more information including a downloadable excel spreadsheet of prequalified suppliers under "Information for buyers".

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