Email spoofing scam imitating NSW Government

26 September 2019

Scam emails have been sent to government suppliers. 

What’s happened?

The NSW Government has been notified by the Australian Cyber Security Centre of a spoofing email:

  1. inviting suppliers to quote for supply of goods and services
  2. with a purchase order for the supply of goods and services

The scammers register realistic looking NSW government websites and email addresses and use these to communicate with suppliers. The emails include the contact details of the Chief Procurement Officer, Chief Information Officer and Secretary.

We are aware of purchase orders and emails that have been sent from referencing the Chief Procurement Officer and Secretary’s details. Other spoof addresses may be in use.

Does it affect me?

Any business in NSW could receive these emails.

How do I stay safe?

If you receive an email requesting a quote or with a purchase order:

  • Check the address the email has been sent from.
  • If the address appears unusual or is unsolicited, contact the NSW Government agency to confirm it has been sent by them

If it is a scam email please forward it to

Issuing entity:
NSW Procurement
Category: Goods and services