ICT related goods and services

The NSW Procurement Board has delegated the governance of procurement of ICT goods and services to the ICT Board. A key action in the NSW Government ICT Strategy 2012 Procurement Reform initiative is the expansion of the role of the ICT Board to include the governance of ICT procurement. 

Consistent with the key principles of the new procurement operating model, the development of procurement category strategies for ICT goods and services sits with the ICT Board to support its role in improving ICT enabled service delivery and financial outcomes.

This reform is designed to ensure that the ICT policies and strategies endorsed by the ICT Board are implemented with the right mix of procurement activity and contracts.

The NSW ICT Strategy is available on the NSW ICT Strategy website. 

ICT related goods and services

The generally accepted category of ICT related goods and services is as follows:

ICT hardware

  • Desktops and servers
  • ICT hardware
  • ICT hardware maintenance
  • Storage systems

ICT services          

  • IT consulting
  • IT professional services (software based)
  • Outsourced IT and operations
  • System/software implementation
  • Networking          
  • Cables
  • Networking - equipment
  • Networking - equipment maintenance/repairs
  • Software   
  • Software licensing
  • Software maintenance
  • Telecommunications       
  • Conferencing services
  • Mobile services
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Voice and data services.

In addition to the above, matters may be referred to the ICT Board for consideration where ICT is a critical component of a procurement activity (for example, consulting services that include ICT investment advice). 

The conferral of functions on the ICT Board has been made by a way of a delegation from the NSW Procurement Board to an authorised person under s169 Public Works and Procurement Act 1912.