Booking travel

FCM Travel Solutions (FCM) is the approved supplier of travel management services to the whole of NSW Government and other eligible customers under Contract 1008 Travel management services.

FCM provides an online booking tool, reporting tool and a dedicated Australia based consultant team to book all types of travel including:

  • air travel
  • accommodation
  • car hire
  • rail and ferry
  • coach
  • charter
  • group travel (10 or more travellers)
  • travel visa service.

Fees apply for calls outside normal business hours (8am-6pm AEST Monday to Friday).  Please contact your agency representative below or NSW Procurement for further details.

Under Board Direction 2012-02 NSW government agencies must use whole-of-government contracts for obtaining goods and services to which those contracts apply.  Contract 1008 and contract 1009 are applicable contracts.

Ministerial media release

Read Government travel contract to save NSW taxpayers millions

    Price Matching

    FCM are able to match pricing on most occasions. There are instances, especially with low cost or small international airlines, where this may not be possible however FCM will advise the reason for this.  In regards, to special discounted accommodation rates for conferences, it is at the discretion of the hotel as to whether they will allow FCM to access these discounted rates and manage the conference bookings, most times this is not a problem.   There are situations where FCM would not be able to offer the same hotel as the conference due to availability or if the hotel has already blocked the room allocation with the conference organiser.

    Holding Flights

    All quotes are offered in line with airline ticketing time limits. Airlines will not allow additional time to hold flights. The standard time for ticketing is approximately 3 days however these vary greatly depending on the ticket class and can be as little as immediate ticketing conditions. There is no option for FCM to extend the ticketing time limit as it is an airline restriction. FCM are bound by these airline rules and heavy fines apply if these are not followed and airlines will automatically cancel the held fare.


    NSW Government staff can access training on FCM online booking tool, reporting tool and services in a number of ways:

    • presentations: open sessions for travellers from all clusters and closed sessions tailored to agency-specific needs 
    • online meetings: offering the same content delivered during a presentation session, but delivered via WebEx at your work desk
    • videos: short training videos covering basic online booking tool transactions

    Please register your interest via this online booking form.

    American Express Business Travel Account (AMEX BTA)

    The AMEX BTA (Contract 1009 Virtual travel card payment) is the mandated form of payment for travel booked under Contract 1008.  

    Airline Lounge Memberships

    Lounge memberships are permissible under the whole of government Travel and Transport Policy (PDF,161KB).  The NSWG Travel Operational Guidelines state: “Agencies should decide whether to meet the cost of staff having membership of airline lounge facilities or similar services. Public officials may join and maintain membership of such lounges at their own expense irrespective of the nature and extent of their official travel.”   

    NSW Procurement has negotiated discounts on Qantas and Virgin Australia lounge membership fees for NSWG travellers.  Please contact your nominated Cluster/Agency co-ordinator below who will assist with purchasing and renewing staff lounge memberships.

    Airline Lounge Membership Co-ordinators:

    Frequent Flyer points

    With approval from the relevant Secretary, travellers may accept loyalty or frequent flyer points from any airline in respect of official travel.  All bookings for air travel using loyalty or frequent flyer points must be made through FCM under Contract 1008 Travel Management Services.  Where any airline loyalty points are accrued from official travel, these points must be used to pay for further official travel.  Airline loyalty points accrued from official travel must not be used for personal travel or for other personal benefits.

    The Ministers’ Office Handbook states airline, car or hotel loyalty schemes or lounge memberships may be accepted by ministers or their staff, but are not to influence travel decisions. If a minister or their staff accrue any airline loyalty points for official business trips at NSW Government expense, these points may be used to pay for further official business trips. Airline loyalty points must not be used to pay for private benefits.

    For further information please refer to the NSW Government Travel and Transport Policy.

    Frequent Flyer FAQ

    Travel protection

    The Treasury Managed Fund provides cover to persons working for a NSW Government agency who are travelling overseas for work. More information on the cover, what to do before you travel and additional emergency travel assistance please refer to Insurance for NSW (iCare).

    Car hire insurance

    NSW Government’s approved car hire suppliers under Contract QGP0038-17 Short term rental of motor vehicles are Avis, Hertz and Budget.  NSW Government's rates with these approved suppliers include insurance cover for accident damage to the rental vehicle and third party property.  NSW Government travellers can pay an additional daily fee to reduce the excess payable in the event of a motor vehicle accident where the NSW Government driver is at fault.

    Agency/cluster contacts

    For more information regarding implementation of your agency/cluster, please contact:

    FCM contact details

    Please see the contact information page.