ICT Services Catalogue

The ICT Services Catalogue makes it easier to buy information and communication technology products and services. The catalogue –

  • showcases suppliers’ products and services and how they meet or exceed standard government requirements
  • makes it easier to compare services side by side
  • provides links to supplier websites, fact sheets and additional resources
  • enables searching for suppliers in the Government Data Centre (GovDC) marketplace
  • streamlines agency tender processes.


The ICT Services Catalogue:

  • showcases suppliers’ products and services and how they meet or exceed standard government requirements
  • reduces red tape and duplication of effort by allowing suppliers to submit service details only once
  • provides ICT services and products available to all potential government buyers.

While agencies will continue to procure the ICT services and products that best meet their own service delivery and business objectives, the catalogue will give agencies greater confidence that ICT services will meet government requirements, and move agencies toward more common approaches, technologies and systems.

ICT Services Catalogue characteristics

The ICT Services Catalogue aims to inform government buyers about the essential characteristics of ICT products and services, including the following:

Technical/quality framework

This is best practice governance and control frameworks, industry standards or NSW Government defined standard that the service meets or has been certified against. Values include:

  • NSW Government endorsed products – products that have been assessed by a cross government sector evaluation team as meeting the minimum sector requirements for NSW Government agencies. Includes HCM, eRecruitment, and EMS products
  • NSW Government standard business process accredited - suppliers who have completed the pre-requisite training and have the knowledge and skills to incorporate the NSW Government standard business processes into the products and/or services provided to agencies.

Data centre option

This describes the data centre the offering is available through. Values include:

  • GovDC – On premise in the NSW Government data centres (GovDC) marketplace
  • Supplier Data Centre – Off premise at a data centre managed by the supplier.

Service delivery options

This describes how the service is delivered. Values include:

  • ERP as a Service – ERP (enterprise resource planning) software that uses ‘as a service’ delivery mode and includes SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service).

Commercial terms

This describes the procurement arrangement that the service made available to buyers is under – the procurement arrangement determines the procurement process users need to adhere to in order to purchase the service.