Feedback and help

General enquiries and help

For general enquiries and help, please email or phone the NSW Procurement Service Centre on 1800 679 289.

The NSW Procurement Service Centre operates from 8.30 am to 5 pm, Monday - Friday.

All out-of-hours calls will be answered by Service NSW and relayed to the NSW Service Centre the next business day.

Customer feedback

The NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI) and NSW Procurement are committed to conducting procurement in an honest, fair, accountable and transparent manner and we welcome feedback (ie to make a suggestion to improve our website or any of our other services, make a compliment about our staff or service or make a complaint about any of our staff or services).

All procurement complaints received by DFSI will be managed in accordance with the DFSI guidelines for managing procurement complaints, which closely reflect the standards sought by the NSW Procurement Board.

Wherever practicable every effort will be made to investigate and resolve any complaints within 20 working days of receipt. However, dependent on the nature and complexity of the issue more time may be required.

If you are not satisfied with the response provided, the matter can be escalated to the Chief Executive of the DFSI or NSW Procurement Board or elsewhere.

Note: For any matters considered to be of a corrupt conduct or criminal nature you have recourse to refer the matter directly to the relevant authorities for investigation eg. NSW Ombudsman or ICAC.

What is classified as a 'customer compliment' under these guidelines?

Under our policy a compliment has been defined as an expression of praise, admiration or satisfaction with regard to the department’s customer service, performance, services, or way of doing business. Compliments should relate to a specific occasion or matter and be attributed to an individual staff member, team, or service that provide ‘best practice’. A compliment may be expressed as:

  • satisfaction or happiness with a service
  • staff going ‘above and beyond’ to provide excellent service
  • the client feeling valued
  • good complaint-handling service.

What is classified as a 'customer complaint'?

NSW Procurement’s customer complaint management policy covers complaints about the following issues:

  • divisional policy
  • published administrative procedures
  • administrative decisions
  • non-statutory fees and charges
  • actions of employees or agents
  • quality of service
  • timeliness of service
  • accuracy of information provided
  • accessibility of services.

Complaints received in regards to DFSI procurement matters will be recorded and referred to the DFSI Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) for attention, while complaints in relation to whole of government (state) contracts will be referred to the Executive Director NSW Procurement.

The following are not considered 'customer complaints' under these guidelines:

  • requests for information about policies or procedures
  • complaints dealt with under the DFSI policy
  • complaints about NSW Government procurement policy
  • complaints about fraud and corruption, which are dealt with under OFS’s Code of Conduct and Comprehensive Guide to Reporting Corrupt Conduct, Maladministration and Serious and Substantial Waste of Public Money.

Ways to provide feedback

You can provide feedback about NSW Procurement services (ie to make a suggestion to improve our website or any of our other services, make a compliment about our staff or service or make a complaint about any of our staff or services) in any of the following ways:

Customer Feedback Officer
NSW Procurement Service Centre
L11, McKell Building
2-24 Rawson Place
Sydney NSW 2000

The ProcurePoint website is managed by NSW Procurement on behalf of the NSW Procurement Board.