Supplying professional services to NSW Government

The NSW Government is a major buyer of professional services, including consultancy. It is important that government agencies get the best value through correctly assessing their requirements before going to market, and then selecting the best supplier for each project.

The NSW Government encourages the use of a variety of suppliers including small and medium business, Aboriginal owned businesses and larger consulting firms.

To make the buying process easier for both agencies and suppliers, NSW Procurement manages the Performance and Management Services Prequalification Scheme (PMS scheme) that allows suppliers to be assessed and become pre-qualified for commonly required professional services and consulting engagements.

About the Performance and Management Services Scheme (PMS scheme)

The PMS scheme lists suppliers that have been assessed and are pre-qualified under the scheme to deliver general, strategic or functional government/business related advice.

Suppliers are assessed against the scheme requirements and listed under the engagement types (capabilities) that they are allowed to service to NSW government agencies. 

The list of prequalified suppliers (XLSX, 1.97 MB) is available to download.

In 2018, a standard commercial framework was rolled out for this scheme. A framework overview (PDF, 307.3 KB) is available to download. The PMS scheme now has 15 engagement types which are broken down further into sub engagement types. The standard commercial framework covers engagement types 1 - 13.  View the list of PMS scheme engagement and sub engagement types.(DOCX, 28.3KB).

Benefits for suppliers

  • Join the scheme at any time through a self-service, online application process
  • Apply for business opportunities by engagement types
  • Request prequalification for additional engagement types
  • Base level prequalification – streamlined access for newly created businesses.

Becoming a prequalified PMS scheme supplier

Before you apply

Applicants should read and understand the PMS Scheme Rules (Terms and Conditions) (DOCX, 272.14 KB) and the Guidelines for Applicants (DOCX,246KB) prior to submitting an application.

Documents and information on the Performance and Management Services Scheme page.

You must answer all the questions and provide the requested information in the online application so we can assess your application. If you don’t, your application will be rejected.

There are two prequalification options in the PMS scheme:

  • Full prequalification (advanced)

    • Service providers can apply for full prequalification under the scheme with no value limit.
    • The applicant should identify areas of expertise by nominating the engagement type/s it wishes to offer and must provide evidence of either the firm's capabilities or the capabilities of its principal consultants.
    • Experience within or outside of Australia is relevant, however the resources must be available to provide services in NSW.
    • A detailed evaluation of your application will be conducted.
  • Base prequalification

    • A streamlined pre-qualification for newly established businesses.
    • Base Level prequalification allows suppliers to be approved for low risk engagements valued at up to $50,000 including GST.
    • Experience within or outside of Australia is relevant, however the resources must be available to provide services in NSW.
    • An eligibility assessment will be conducted.

How to apply

Suppliers can apply to the PMS scheme via the online application form on eTendering.

There are questions to answer, and you will need to upload suporting materials too.

This process is best completed on a laptop/computer. Please provide all the requsted information, if you don't, your application will be rejected.

Existing prequalified suppliers

Updating supplier information

To maximise your supply opportunities, it is important to list your current details in the PMS Scheme.  Prequalified suppliers are encouraged to check their details are up to date in NSW eTendering.

This includes: company profile, number of employees, contact person, service areas, rates and their organisational experience.

Help guides are available:

Download a help guide to access your registered profile and update registered email address.(PDF,214.32KB).

Download a help guide to edit your company information (PDF,547.6KB)- including entity details, office details, questionnaire.


Applicants are to maintain insurance policies for Public Liability and Workers' Compensation in accordance with the Scheme Rules and otherwise where required by law.

Professional Indemnity Insurance is not mandatory but may be required for some engagements. The adequacy of the insurance coverage to meet the risk and any monetary limit that is set for the nature of an engagement will be determined by agencies at the time the service provider is engaged.

Prior to engagement, agencies may request that suppliers provide proof of insurance.


Suppliers may submit feedback at any time, as well as following each engagement.

View the feedback form for service providers (DOCX,139KB)


Please contact the NSW Procurement Service Centre on 1800 679 289 or