Supplying professional services

Professional services are a type of external labour commonly used by government agencies for specialist advice and assistance. 

The NSW Government is a major buyer of professional services, including consultancy, and supports the use of a diverse range of suppliers, including:

Supplying is easier via the PMS Scheme

The Performance and Management Services Prequalification Scheme (PMS Scheme) makes the buying process easier for both suppliers and buyers.

Suppliers can apply for prequalification to the PMS Scheme by submitting an online application, including referee reports. Suppliers’ capabilities are then assessed against the requirements of the PMS Scheme engagement types (DOCX, 28KB).

After assessment, prequalified suppliers are listed in the PMS Scheme supplier list (XLSX, 1.96MB) under the engagement types they are allowed to supply. The supplier is also listed in eTendering in Scheme Explorer.

A standard commercial framework covers engagement types 1 to 13 on the PMS Scheme, and buying from suppliers that have accepted the framework is easier for buyers.

Benefits for suppliers

  • easier to do business with government buyers
  • increased visibility to buyers
  • join the scheme at any time through a self-service, online application process
  • request prequalification for additional engagement types
  • base level prequalification – streamlined access for newly created businesses

Become a prequalified PMS Scheme supplier

Access the PMS Scheme page and review ‘Information for Suppliers’ before applying for prequalification.


Please contact the NSW Procurement Service Centre for help.