Engaging with industry

Effective communication improves industry awareness of government procurement opportunities and increases transparency. Engaging early and giving advance notice of procurement opportunities helps industry make the most of government business opportunities.

Industry engagement helps agencies to align their sourcing strategies with the market. It can also provide information about new and innovative solutions, and improve procurement outcomes.

Industry engagement can and should occur at all phases of the procurement lifecycle. However, opportunities for innovation improve if engagement takes place as early as possible and before committing to a specific procurement solution.

The Industry Engagement Guide (PDF,367KB) provides a high level view of strategies and approaches for NSW Government agencies to use when engaging with industry. The guide aligns with the Procurement Policy Framework.

Principles when engaging with industry

The following principles are likely to apply in most industry engagements:

Be well-informed right from the outset

A procuring agency needs to be an informed buyer. A solid and contemporary understanding of the relevant industry sector is integral to ensure the procuring agency targets their industry engagement activities accordingly.

Have clear objectives

Clear definable objectives provide a focus point and structure to industry engagement activities.

Be broad based and not exclusive

Engaging with the widest range of suppliers encourages innovation and refutes any suggestion of favouring particular suppliers or products.

Be open about past procurement activities, but focus on the future

While potential suppliers will usually be assisted by understanding how the agency has approached the market previously, industry engagement is better focussed on future ways in which anticipated business needs may be satisfied.

Be transparent, even-handed and consistent

To preserve the Government’s reputation and to ensure continued interest in government procurement activities, it is important that any industry engagement process is open and transparent.

Have the highest level of probity and behaviour

Procuring agencies must maintain the highest standards of probity and behaviour throughout the industry engagement process so as to reinforce their neutral stance.

Handle others’ intellectual property properly

Dealing with intellectual property appropriately is an essential part of all engagement activities.

Keep good records

Good record keeping benefits the agency and suppliers as it promotes confidence in the industry engagement process and removes the evidentiary burden when it comes to justifying procurement decisions.

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