Service provider selection for construction

The services required to deliver government construction projects, including planning, design and project management services, may be obtained from an agency that provides those services in the exercise of its principal functions.

However, for construction projects valued over $1 million, agencies not accredited under the Agency Accreditation Scheme for Construction (DOCX, 32 KB) must use a selective tendering system.

The system reduces procurement risk by ensuring that the project managers, consultants and contractors engaged have appropriate expertise and capabilities. Service providers are prequalified for specific types and values of work. Tenderer selection processes reduce tendering costs for industry and take client requirements into account.

View the Selective tendering guidelines (DOCX, 122 KB)

View the Tendering process for consultancy services engagements (DOCX, 2216 KB)

View the Code of Conduct for a tender process (DOC, 47 KB)

Selecting a tendering panel

Non-accredited agencies can request a list of contractors or consultants from the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation to be used for selective tendering on a contract for construction and related works. Please fill out the Select a tendering panel form (DOC, 119 KB) and email the request to