Before you buy

Find out about registering as an eligible buyer and how to purchase goods and services.

Buyer eligibility and registration

Buyers eligible to use NSW Government contracts and other supply arrangements

Overview of buying solutions

Contracts, prequalification schemes and e-procurement solutions

Supplier diversity

Eligible buyers can support a diverse range of suppliers through the following NSW Government initiatives:

Finding agency procurement arrangements

How to leverage off procurement arragements with other agencies

Prequalification schemes

About prequalification schemes and benefits to buyers and suppliers

Industry engagement

Good industry engagement practices enable suppliers to understand which goods and services NSW Government agencies may need...

Approaching the supplier market

Request for tender (RFT), request for quote (RFQ), expression of interest (EOI) and other ways to approach the market

Standard procurement contract templates

Standard contract templates for goods and services and ICT procurement

Buying outside of contracts

Sourcing and purchasing items not available on contract


Information about construction procurement

Feedback and help

Provide feedback about NSW Procurement service and the ProcurePoint website or submit an enquiry.